Improve your psychological well-being with

individual therapy

SERdeAGUA is a project whose objective is to improve the emotional, relational and mental wellbeing of all those people who come to us with this need through psychology, coaching and training.
The name of the project, SERdeAGUA, comes from understanding that this well-being is often achieved by being flexible, adaptive, fluid as water, to make the most of every situation we face, so that we have all our potential to use it at all times without self-limitation. The more creative I am, the more possibilities I have within my reach and the better results I get in my life.
The process consists of:

1. Initial interview:  

  • To define objectives and clarify doubts.


The general objective is to reduce psychological suffering and increase personal satisfaction.

3-Establishment of a therapeutic process.


A final session is held to collect conclusions and to say goodbye.


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